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Performance is the standard of exceptional leadership. RAC Refrigeration Systems, Inc. sets the precedent in achieving world-class quality in commercial cooling with reliability, energy conservation, environmental efficiency, and renowned service. Expert commercial cooling products are a part of our industry’s finest – we build, install, and maintain durable commercial service units, with the lowest operating cost.

We install, monitor, and maintain commercial cooling services for a broad range of buildings and commercial applications:


One half of commercial space flooring in the United State is cooled by air conditioning systems. The single-packaged air conditioning systems, RTUs, are installed on many rooftops. The “rooftop units” are self-contained with optional installation over concrete space on the ground. Commercial scale rooftop units we install can use multiple compressors (for load matching) and an air-cooled condenser section, or an evaporatively cooled condenser (used for its greater efficiency). Each rooftop unit we install may feature an electric heating or a natural gas component complement.

When selecting newer and new high-efficiency rooftop unit models, a general rule to practice is to replace generational, defective, or broken equipment. RAC Refrigeration Systems recommends testing the rooftop unit’s life cycle to empirically test the amount of energy the high-efficiency model will save. The Federal Energy Management Program with the U.S. Department of Energy offers a free test model comparing the new RTU to the standard unit.

Ice rinks

Filtration systems produce deionized water, a major component for creating clear ice. RAC Refrigeration Systems installs refrigeration systems used to maintain ice skating rings. Cool air transports and carries less moisture than warm air reducing humidity and decreasing surrounding air temperature. The water refrigeration, or air refrigeration system utilizes steel pipes with brine water or glycol, allowing the ice to shrink or expand between an insulated underlying surface.

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