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PharmaceuticalHVAC Services

Process Drying Rooms

Diagnostic corporations, lithium battery makers, pharmaceutical diagnostic companies, and research firms utilize dry rooms to manage moisture sources and reclaim heat to strip down energy costs. The moisture load in the drying room and the control level will determine the type of drying room we install for you. Dehumidification systems that are desiccant and able to send air to a minimum of .47 gr/lb., -76ºF dew point, 10.6 ppmv, can allow room operating levels to be maintained as low as 1% R.H.

Stability Chambers

Traditional environmental chamber manufacturers design normal refrigeration systems with hot-gas for cooling room interiors, etc. Companies requiring storage temperatures less than 60°C or greater than 15°C require thermoelectric storage for temperature maintenance. RAC Refrigeration Systems will install stability chambers designed to produce your chamber’s climatic demands.

Whether the chamber is a stability chamber or a walk-in, or whether it is needed for the laboratory, high-test volume application, or for a photography studio, we’ll install the environmental and thermoelectrically cooled chamber with ICH/FDA environs such as 40°C/75%RH, 30°C/65%RH, and 25°C/60%RH, or related specs reliably and professionally.

Process Refrigeration

We handle the full scale installation of manufactured and heavy-duty refrigeration plants, using centrifugal or screw compressors with ammonia, halocarbons, hydrocarbons, CO², and mixed gases; and low-temperature refrigeration plants. This includes cascade or compound units that are reassembled, and refrigeration systems for storage and for treatment of natural gas, liquefaction of chlorine, and gas condensation.

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